Since you asked…

Was leafing through the comment section, OK so there were only two, but we’re still working on getting the blog linked on the homepage and came across this: Yes, they should sign him!! He’s a zillion times better than Schoeneweiss and will probably cost less. Why didn’t they think of that

The reason is that when Cruz first hit the market everyone assumed he would get multi-year offers from other teams. But as the economy worsened and the free agent market tightened, it seemed like he did not have a lot of options. That’s why a one-year contract in Arizona might end up making sense for Cruz.

We’ll see how it plays out, but I’m still surprised a team like the Yankees, who have already had to give up their first few picks in the Draft, don’t sign him.

It’s certainly a tough situation for Cruz, who has pitched well enough to reap some rewards on the free agent market.


I was really surpized he didn’t go to someone early. I know people were looking for deals, but the Giants gave Affeldt this kind of money, and I don’t consider the two equals?

I guess that’s true, but even a few weeks ago they could have signed him cheaply.

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