Garland vs. Big Unit

I am a couple of weeks late with this link, but for those of you who have not see it, Fan Graphs had a column talking about the Jon Garland signing.

The column itself is interesting, but the debate in the comments section may even be better. Curious as what you all think about it.

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The D-backs broke off negotiations with Randy, claiming that they did not have sufficient money to sign him. Later, they sign Garland, a younger but inferior pitcher, for substantially more than Randy was willing to take.

The transactions epitomize the frustration that D-back fans have with the new ownership. If management is trying to drive off the fan base, it is well on its way to doing so. The infuriating decisions are extensive:

* Management chases off Luis Gonzalez, the most popular player in franchise history.

* Management severs all ties with the World Series Championship and the Colangelo era by “re-branding” to the hideous Sedona Red uniforms. Three years later, I hate the new colors more than when they first came out.

* The D-backs refuse to sign Eric Byrnes to a multi-year deal at a price commensurate with his status as a third or fourth outfielder. Byrnes has a career year, and fans become incensed that yet another favorite player is being discarded. D-backs overreact, sign Byrnes to an outrageous $30 million deal, and now have no money to pay deserving players. At least we have the most overpaid bench player in the Majors!

* D-backs bring up Justin Upton before he is ready, and begin to burn away his low-cost years.

* Having committed too much money to Byrnes, the D-backs trade Carlos Quentin to the White Sox for a back of rocks. Quentin makes a bid for MVP while Byrnes sits out the year.

* D-backs give up yet another popular player, Micah Owings, for Adam Dunn. D-backs know that they won’t re-sign Dunn, but justify the trade by saying that the team will get draft picks when he leaves. D-backs then fail to offer arbitration to Dunn, and the team gets nothing when he leaves.

* D-backs let slick-fielding Orland Hudson go without an offer. Will Brandon Webb be as successful with Felipe Lopez behind him?

* D-backs agree to terms with Brandon Webb, then pull the offer off the table for reasons that apparently have nothing to do with money.

* D-backs don’t have enough money to sign Randy Johnson, but are willing to pay Garland more money than Randy requested.

Nothing that management does surprises me any more.

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