Additional tidbits from Monday

Couple of things that did not get mentioned in my regular stories today…

— It’s always fun to watch bullpen coach Glenn Sherlock go through drills with the catchers early in camp. Sherls has a drill in which he flips in rapid succession wiffle balls of different sizes, colors and weights. The catchers are in their crouches and have to catch the balls with their glove hand minus the glove.

What it simulates is the different trajectories that pitches come in to catchers as well as the “heaviness” of certain pitches, including say a Brandon Webb sinker.

“He’s got as good a catching program as anyone I’ve ever been around,” said D-backs manager Bob Melvin, himself a former big league catcher. “It’s a good time for him. If you watch, the guys that have been around him have a little more success early on.”

— Most of the position players were in camp on Monday with Tuesday being the official reporting date and Melvin said everyone is expected to be there.

— Dan Haren told us a great story that occurred during his time in the Minor Leagues. According to the right-hander, not only did he have a two-homer game, but he called one of his shots.

Now, we’re not talking about standing at home plate and pointing his bat towards the bleachers like Babe Ruth. Rather he had hit a homer on a fastball and while he was waiting for his next at-bat he told the hitter behind him that he expected the pitcher to throw him a breaking ball on the first pitch and if he did he would hit it out.

The pitch was a breaking ball and Haren did hit his second homer of the game.

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That’s awesome!
Haren used to be a DH in college, right?

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