Big Unit, big matchup

Tuesday’s matchup between the D-backs and Giants at Scottsdale Stadium should be more interesting than your typical Spring Training game.

That’s because the Giants are sending former Diamondback Randy Johnson to the mound.

It will be strange to see the big fella wearing Giants’ orange and black, that’s for sure. Of course we saw him wear a SF hat once before at Chase Field when he inadvertently picked one up and put it on his head following a bench-clearing incident.

It is only Spring Training so Johnson will not overdo it, but you can rest assured that he will have a little extra incentive when he pitches against Arizona during the regular season. He’s been careful not to take the bait when he’s been asked about his departure from the D-backs, but rest assured he was not pleased.

The D-backs offered him around $2.5 million on a one-year deal and then in January turned around and signed free agent Jon Garland to a one-year $6.25 million with an option for 2010.

It’s been well documented that the D-backs financial situation changed between the offer to Johnson and the signing of Garland, but still you know that Johnson could not have been happy.

Bank on him having a little extra in the tank when he faces the D-backs during the regular season. 

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