Tidbits from Melvin

Here are a few notes to come out of our meeting with manager Bob Melvin this morning that might not make it into other stories:

— Melvin heard, as we all did, that the pitch that really separated Daniel Schlereth from the pack was his curveball.

“But he’s got a good fastball as well,” Melvin said. “My judgment hasn’t changed that this guy could be a quick mover in the organization.”

Schlereth’s ball tends to get on a hitter quickly and his change has been pretty good as well. The one thing Melvin would like to see him work on is his command.

— Melvin was asked how he planned to use lefty Scott Schoeneweis in the bullpen this year and his answer was interesting.

“It depends on the makeup of the bullpen,” Melvin said referring to whether the team carries one or two lefties. “If you do have a second lefty than you really can tag [Schoeneweis] for a certain situation late in the game. If you don’t, it’s tough to just pitch him to one left-hander if he’s your only guy.”

In other words, a big factor is going to be whether southpaw Doug Slaten improves this spring and claims a spot. But using Schoeneweis against right-handers could be problematic judging by the numbers.

Last year, righties hit .333 against Schoeneweis, while lefties hit just .178. Over his career the numbers are .294 and .224.

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