Challenge for Reynolds

I wrote a story the other day about Mark Reynolds and how he is working to cut down his strikeouts and errors.

It occurs to me that the biggest battle Reynolds is going to face in doing so is going to be mental more than physical. That was clear early in the first Cactus League game of the spring when he struck out and a fan yelled from the crowd, “Here we go again Reynolds. It’s starting already.”

Look, Reynolds is going to strikeout a bunch. It’s the nature of the way his swing is and the tremendous power that he has. The idea is to limit the amount to non-record breaking levels. So it can’t be that every time he strikes out this year it’s looked at like a tremendous failure of some sort otherwise things could easily spiral back out of control.

You can’t help but root for a guy like Reynolds. He’s a hard worker and a nice person. He easily could have asked to be kept out of the lineup late last year as a way of trying to avoid setting the strikeout mark, but he never did that.

Reynolds is tough mentally in terms of his ability to play with pain. The bigger challenge this year for him will be to be strong mentally when it comes to the strikeouts.

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I know that it is more mental sometimes and it takes to the physical side of your game. You get into ruts with your swing and you general stance and any variation from it give you anxiety that it will fail.
Reynolds just has to be mentally tough to withstand not only the cat calls, but a few wild swings before finally finding a center to be able to combat the situation. Some guys with great 20-20 vision get Lasik anyways because they think they can get “Ted Willams”type sight with it.
He will be fine once he settles into a renewed sense of watching the rotation of the ball and adjusting at the plate.

Rays Renegade

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