Bonus notes

Here are some additional notes from Friday:

— Justin Upton played in a game over at Minor League camp today. No report yet on how he did.

As for why they sent him over there for some at-bats, manager Bob Melvin said that they wanted to give him some ABs in a less pressurized situation. Upton has been struggling at the plate this spring and though he does not lose confidence when he struggles, he does tend to get angry. Then things feed on themselves and snowball.

“Some guys handle not being successful differently,” Melvin said. “I’d rather he get angry then down on himself.”

— Here’s how you know a pitcher had a tremendous outing: he is the one that has to tell the media afterward that he really did make some mistakes during the game.

That’s the position that Dan Haren was in after striking out 10 Angels in seven innings on Friday.

“Obviously good results,” he said. “But more importantly I got my pitch count up and got up and down seven times.”

Haren threw 93 pitches and the team will likely back that number down a bit in his final spring outing on April 1 so that he is fresh for his first start of the year on April 7 against the Rockies.

The D-backs are slated to face the Brewers in Maryvale on April 1, but it’s possible Haren could throw in a Minor League game that day.

— Ryan Roberts will start behind the plate in a Minor League game on Saturday and James Skelton will get a look in the outfield.

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