Spring Training is over

Boy, it sure seems like this spring has lasted forever. I know a lot of you out there love going to Spring Training games, but even you guys must be ready for the games to start counting, right?

It was good to see Ryan Roberts make the team. We’ll see how much of an impact he has — typically the 25th man on the roster does not get a lot of playing time (can anyone name the final player to make the roster out of spring last year?) but he’s a hard-nosed player, who deserved the shot.

We talked to him for a while today and you could just tell how excited he was about the whole thing. I’m sure when Opening Day comes he’ll be even more of an emotional wreck, but that’s good. It will be something he remembers forever.

— Jon Garland said he was pleased with the way his spring went. The numbers weren’t great, but he was working on adding a cut fastball and using his curve a little more so that could be a reason.

Really with a guy like that who has had success in the big leagues for the length of time he has, I don’t think you can be concerned with spring numbers.

The cutter he said felt great and he’s to the point where he is very comfortable throwing it. It’s a pitch that he can use on lefties to keep them from getting out on his sinker as much. They’ll need to sit back just an instant if it’s the cutter and that could be just enough to keep them from squaring the ball up on the barrel.

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Great coverage of spring training, as usual. Alex Romero beat out Trot Nixon for the final spot last season.

I too am hoping the D’backs just aren’t up for these spring training games. However, if they can’t get up for their first two games in Chase field, in front of 16K & 17K fans, then I think we will be looking at more of the same which was:

1. One-third of their outs via strikeout
2. An abundance of errors
3. A lack of productive hitting (productive outs, hitting w/ RISP, etc.)

Last year I thought the D’backs were too laid back and thought they would make their way into the playoffs somehow. There was no sense of urgency.

This year I want to some fire or I’m afraid they will again be on the outside looking in.



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