A message from England

I asked for some Opening Day thoughts in the last post and got one all the way from England so I wanted to share it with you:

Greetings from across the pond in England!
Firstly, wow, what a way to open the season! I really wasn’t expecting a slugfest when I settled down to watch the game, but it sure didn’t disappoint. Not a great advert for either team’s ace, but a cracking game nonetheless. I really don’t know what to expect tonight given that yesterday’s matchup didn’t exactly turn out to be the advertised pitching duel…
Totally agree with what you said about Tony Pena. He can be one of the best setup men in the league, but it seems to me that he goes through these patches where he’s beating himself up about something and it affects his performances. There is a reason that I draft him in every fantasy league that I play in though, and last night he showed it. Outstanding performance, and it was great to see him pick up the win as well. Hopefully he can settle down into his groove for a long while now.
Naturally I also have to agree with your comments on Bob Melvin. Gracie’s nickname of “The Mad Scientist” looks more and more fitting with every passing month. Some people may not always agree with the moves he makes, but you can’t argue with the results. It can surely only be a good thing that people will now have to make sure they earn their playing time? Hopefully this means that everyone will step up a gear and we’ll have a great season to watch. Though with Felipe Lopez and Tony Clark currently on pace for 324 HRs each we shouldn’t have too much trouble… (!!!)
I was also really pleased to see Ryan Roberts getting the job done when he was given the chance. He was really unfortunate to get caught in between 2nd and 3rd base like that otherwise he’d have probably come round to score as well. It’s clear that this year will be a whole squad effort, and that means the last guy on the bench as well as the first and he looks more than capable of contributing to the team. Best of luck to him.
Finally, great work by all involved with the tributes to Marquis Cooper last night.
Bring on Haren v Jimenez!
Paul Bownes


Cool to hear that the D-backs have a fan across the pond! Indeed, it is rather amazing that a Brit knows anything about baseball at all! Might you possibly be an ex-pat of the U.S. or Canada?

Seeing as how the range of D-backs fans goes that far East, I might let you know how far North they are as I sit here at my PC in Edmonton, AB Canada.

I have been a fan since they came into the league in 1998 when I was in fact living in Phoenix. Unfortunately, I had to leave in 2004. But the D-backs are still my one and only club.

Nope, born and bred in Birmingham, England! Baseball has a surprisingly big following over here (though I have to say I don’t know of too many Dbacks fans), and because of the time difference those of us who are into it tend to be fairly obsessive!
I’ve been a Dbacks fan since 2000, though unfortunately I haven’t made it over to catch any games in Phoenix. Yet… It is up there on my list to do as soon as possible though. Until then I’ve got mlb.tv to keep me happy, though again because of the time differences it does sometimes mean I wander round in the daytime in a slightly zombie-like state!

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