Sorry for a couple of days of no posts. Yesterday was taken up with writing a story on Brandon Webb and his shoulder situation.

I’ve gotten a bunch of emails asking me if I think Webb is healthy or how hurt he is and to be honest there is no real way of knowing. What I can tell you is that in talking with him yesterday he did not seem concerned. He is convinced and he says the trainers are too, that the stiffness he is feeling in his shoulder is muscular and not structural.

As for different doctors having different opinions on risk factors long term, that is not uncommon. Also keep in mind that doctors for insurance companies tend to be far more conservative than other doctors.

It’s also worth noting the insurance companies feelings were known early last season and Webb went on to pitch 226 2/3 innings and given the fact that he won 22 games and had an ERA (3.30) comparable to past seasons that would seem to suggest that his shoulder was fine.

I’m curious to see what your reactions were to the news yesterday. Please share them below or email them to me and I will post them.

I’ll try to post the lineups when I get over to the ballpark in a couple of hours.

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