First week thoughts

Stopped by the local office supply store on my way to Chase Field today and they were all out of panic buttons. Seems there’s been a run on them over the past week.

Yeah, not a great start for your Arizona Diamondbacks, but it is important to keep in mind that it’s just one week of a long season. So let’s not get too carried away in writing this team off.

Still there are some troubling signs. Justin Upton has not looked good at the plate and seems to be having a difficult time making an adjustment in his mechanics at the plate. The bat still seems a little too wrapped above his head.

While Mark Reynolds and Chris Young have picked up their share of hits, their strikeout totals are probably higher than they would like given the work they put in this spring.

So the offense is scuffling and has wasted some good outings by the starting pitchers. We’ll see if it picks up here as time goes on.

There’s also some concern with the bullpen. Jon Rauch has struggled, though his velocity is up from Spring Training, and Juan Gutierrez, Billy Buckner and Doug Slaten have all had their share of trouble.

Again, probably not time to push that panic button yet, but there certainly are some worrisome signs.

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