Haren’s frustration

Couple of quick thoughts about Dan Haren’s display of frustration in the Arizona dugout last night after being removed for a pinch-hitter in the seventh inning:

— You have admire his honesty after the game in saying point blank that he’s frustrated with being 0-3. He didn’t try to obfuscate at all. We always appreciate Haren’s interviews because he gives thoughtful answers and really tries to avoid cliches.

He also went out of his way to say that his intention was not to show up manager Bob Melvin in any way.

— You can understand his frustration. His team has scored a total of one run in his three starts. That’s simply unbelievable. There’s no question he should be sitting with a 3-0 record right now instead of 0-3.

— All that being said, it was something that never should have happened, because regardless of his intent he did show up Melvin as well as his teammates.

While Haren has a right to be frustrated, he’s not the only one that is feeling that right now in that clubhouse. Think the hitters are happy with the way things have gone. They have been awful, they know it, and they absolutely would like to be doing better.

And how about Melvin? This is his team. Think he likes watching the way the first 10 games of the season has gone? Think he would have liked to have thrown a few helmets or slammed a few bats after watching the losses pile up?

Like I said, this is not meant to be a rip at Haren. He’s a hard worker, a good teammate and a good guy who just got caught up in the moment. I would be willing to bet it’s something you will not see from him again.


Good for Haren. While not trying to show up Bo’Mel, maybe somebody should bring it to his attention that his random lawn dart approach to setting the lineup needs some work. The mad professor’s experimentation with a young team is blowing up in his face, over and over again… please, somebody put a stop to it. I thought I was getting sick of his antics before he hit a career .237 hitter at lead-off; wow, nothing like taking your hottest hitter and mixing it up, seeing if you can’t shut him down by dropping him into the 3 hole. The only reason Young wouldn’t be hitting 2nd or 3rd is because he can’t hit the ball consistently; so, why, again, does it make sense to put a one dimensional hitter like CoJack in the 2 slot while he’s hitting .200 on the season (38 points below CY)? If he’s gonna mix it up, maybe he should try hitting Davis (.200 BA) ahead of Montero and Upton, but please, give this team a chance to score some runs.
Hopefully Drew will return soon to get that added bat back into the front end of this lineup, but until it happens just use this lineup: 1) Lopez, 2) CY, 3) Tracy, 4) Reynolds, 5) CoJack, 6) Ojeda, 7) Upton, 8) Snyder.
If you think I’m crazy, take a look at some numbers, Young has the 2nd most total bases and hits on the team (2nd in TB last year, 2nd in RBI and 3rd in Runs), Reynolds is 3rd in both (1st in HR, 1st in RBI, 2nd in Runs, 3rd in TB… oh, and from the 5 and 6 spot in the order). Tracy and CoJack should hit .300, so once Connor starts hitting, sandwich Reynolds between the two at cleanup, and we have an offense; or… continue doing what you’re doing and maybe you’ll accidentally invent something that nobody has ever thought of in the history of baseball, like a 4 on 3 off work week for OF/1B… hmm, that could work. And one last thing, send the runners, please! Its about the only thing your two 90 win teams had in common.

I applaud Dan Haren. Not only do I applaud the only guy on the team showing emotion, I have no problem if he is trying to show up Bob Melvin or his teammates. Dan is one of the 2 or 3 guys on this team actually doing his job. What if you went to work for two weeks and you were the only one doing what you are supposed to? Would you stay quiet and keep doing your job, or would you show some emotion, get everyone?s attention, and tell them to start pulling their weight? I know what I would do. Is this Dan Haren?s job? I think so. He is leading by example, and leaders have to make sure everyone?s doing their part. Bob Melvin shows zero emotion. His rotation of Jackson, Byrnes, Reynolds, and Tracy between 1st, 3rd, and LF isn?t helping anyone. Those guys never know for sure when or where they are playing. How do you get into a rhythm that way? I think 10 games have shown that you don?t. And why are we not stealing bags, Bob Melvin? We stole a lot when we won the division two years ago and you were manager of the year. I know Byrnes was hurt, but CY wasn?t. This also disturbs me, does anyone remember when we last had a player pass the 100 RBI mark? ??anyone? 2003. Gonzo had 104. And from 2004-2008, only two players have had more than 90, Glaus and Reynolds. That is an upsetting fact. What it tells me is, even if we have talent in the minors, it isn?t translating to the majors (unless we trade it away, i.e. Carlos Quentin). And if we don?t have a big bat, management is going to sign Jon ?Mediocre-At-Best? Garland. This team has had the same problem 5 years running, and nothing has been done to change it. Oh, didn?t we work on NOT striking out in the off season?!? Was that all a waste a time or what?!? Lincecum is disgusting, so I don?t mind that. Friday night I do mind. Not one guy who actually reached base left that base, except for F. Lopez who stole 2nd, then advanced to 3rd on a throwing error. He was on 3rd with less than 2 out. What happened? Jackson struck out looking, Reynolds swinging. Glad we spent time on that in spring training. Zero productive outs, zero production, and no one cares, because there is zero emotion. I say Amen Dan Haren, and thank you. You are the only one with heart on this team, and that is unfortunate, but thanks for the great games and desire. And to the Dbacks lineup, wake up. You guys are great, just play like it?.

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