The Big Mo

Sorry for the lack of longer posts here this past week. I got caught up in the daily game stories, notes, previews etc. and did not get to the blog as much as I would have liked.

The clubhouse certainly had a different feel to it after Monday night’s game. Heck, Monday night’s game had a different feel to it. There seemed to be a lot more energy on the field in that one and for whatever reason the players seemed to be looser.

There are two types of stolen base signs the D-backs have. One is a green light that allows players to steal if they feel like they have a good jump. There’s also the “must go” sign which tells them to go period.

Bob Melvin declined to say whether those steals were green lights or must gos, but if I had to guess I would bet at least two were must gos. I think Melvin, though again he won’t admit it, has been frustrated with the lack of aggression on the bases.

And the confidence seemed to just snowball from there. It looked like they were having fun playing again, which has not been the case much this year.

We keep asking if a particular win, or rally or comeback is going to put the D-backs over the top and get them on the winning track. Last night again the question was asked since they had displayed so much energy and for the first time all year won two straight games.

But they say in baseball momentum is only as good as the next day’s starting pitcher and Yusmeiro Petit was not so good Tuesday night.

Coming into the series, the Carlos Zambrano-Petit matchup was the one you had to like your chances in the least.

We’ll see how they play in Wednesday’s series finale.

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