Fright night in Milwaukee

I am not with the team in Milwaukee this weekend — I’ll be back with them Monday in Los Angeles, but wanted to check in with some thoughts about Thursday’s disaster in Milwaukee.

The seventh inning, and the pitching changes during it, will receive the most attention when you look back on the game.

No question that Tom Gordon did not look good in that inning, but I don’t blame Bob Melvin for bringing him in. Supposedly he was ready to come off the disabled list and be your seventh-inning guy. If he needed more time to get ready they should have left him in Triple-A Reno longer.

Bringing in Scott Schoeneweis to face Prince Fielder is the correct move, but Schoeneweis walks him and now you’re down a run.

In retrospect the one move that you second guess is the decision to let Schoeneweis face Mike Cameron. Yeah, I know Cameron has not hit lefties as well as righties this year, but Schoeneweis in recent years has shown that he should not be facing right-handers in critical situations.

But who do you go to in that situation? Jon Rauch is the guy warming up and be honest now does anyone right now feel comfortable seeing him come into a crucial situation? I guess you you could say they should have had Tony Pena warmed up, but he’s not typically a guy you use when you’re down (which you are at that point) and how many times do you want to use him for more than one inning at a time?

All the focus on the pitching changes, though, obscures the real problem last night and that was the offense. One run. One measly run. That’s the part of this team that needs to get rectified, because truth be told you don’t really deserve to win games in which you score just one run.

How they solve the offensive problems, well, that’s a subject for another day, but if some of the young hitters do not start showing improvement there is a whole lot that needs to be reconsidered.

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