2009 Dodgers = 2008 D-backs…Not

With the Dodgers one win away from equaling the D-backs’ 20-8 start from last year there has been plenty of talk that the D-backs should not despair because after all they started off hot last year only to be passed by the Dodgers.

There are a number of reasons why the two situations are vastly different, but let me start with what to me is the biggest. Come July 31, the D-backs are not going to be trading for Manny Ramirez.

Look, the Dodgers pitching may get exposed as the year goes on and they may not end up with the best record in the National League. And the D-backs may start playing better and make a race of this yet, but let’s be honest, at this point is there any reason to be optimistic about that happening? What signs have the D-backs shown that would lead you to believe that they are going to get markedly better?

Not trying to be all doom and gloom here, but to me there’s simply no comparison between the 2009 D-backs and the 2008 Dodgers. 

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This is exactly the same Dback time we failed down the stretch last year. This is a team filled up guys that should be spending more time in AAA.

I think the bold move would be this: trade now. A big one. Someone that can git on base.

Also, as in any business, if that business is suffering changes at the top need to happen. In my opinion, it’s Rick Schu.

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