Young to sit

Chris Young was out of the starting lineup Wednesday night and it sounds like he could be out for at least another game. D-backs manager said he wants to give the youngster a couple of days to clear his head.

Young has struggled mightily at the plate this year. He snapped an 0-for-23 skid Tuesday night on a tapper to shor that easily could have been ruled an error rather than a hit.


To the D-Backs,
I don’t really disagree with the chang of the managers, but I think I could do as well as Hinch will do. Who’s idea was it to bench Tracy and bring up Whitesell. Clark was never intended to be the regular first baseman. Tracy was doing just fine untill he was held out and lost his rythem. This was the start of the downfall of the team. Leaving Tucson for Reno has cost the team many fans, including me. Thank goodness for TV. I have always enjoyed this game and am so disapointed is the way you have treated your fans. Hope things improve in the future.

I watched Dan Harran pitch a flawless game with a 5 to 1 lead after 7 innings. Than he is pulled for a notable shakey bullpen. Let him get his win until he says he can’t go any further. So many times I hear fans talk about how starters are not tolerant to 9 innings. Ask Whitey Ford how many 9 innings he pitched along with his peers. Leave it up to the pitcher or at least give Pena some prozac before he gets to the mound

Bdann — I had your sentiments exactly, until I read the article postgame the next day. Dan Haren told AJ he had no more in the tank, and didn’t want to blow it for Arizona. I do agree with you the bullpen is a sore spot, but believe it or not they have only blown two leads past the 8th inning all season (in a game we ended up losing). Tony Pena is usually stellar, and Qualls somehow manages to get the job done even if he gives me a heart attack everytime.

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