Webb plays catch

It was a small step, a very tiny step, but when it involves an ace pitcher, it gets some attention.

Brandon Webb played catch for five minutes in a batting cage located in the bowls of Turner Field on Friday.

It’s the first time Webb has thrown since being shut down on April 24, though, he emphasized that it was a very light game of catch and that one of the reasons it was done in the batting cage was so that he would not be tempted to throw from a longer distance or push things.

Webb initially felt some stiffness in his right shoulder towards the end of Spring Training and again during his start on Opening Day. Following that game he was placed on the disabled list. When he began to play catch after that he also felt good, but eventually the stiffness returned and he was shut down again.

“We’re taking it slow day-by-day and see how I feel,” Webb said. “It feels different than it did the last time.”

There is still a long way to go before Webb returns to the active roster. He estimates that it will be three weeks before he can begin a Minor League rehab assignment and that is if everything goes according to plan with no setbacks.

“That’s a great way to start to the road trip to have that news,” Hinch said of Webb’s session of catch.

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I have a theory! Brandon Webb is not injured and that Brandon is making a point to the organization and letting them know how much they need need him in the starting rotation.
The D-backs released a statement to the fans at the begin of the season stating that reason they didnt extend Webbs Contract was because they had a concern onhis shoulder in which the insurance policy wouldnt insure the extention based on Webbs Shoulder. But the a matter of fact is the organization just didnt want pay Webb what he feels he is worth.
So Webb is proving there point. remmber back in 2007 he had a sore shoulder to but Won the Cy young. In 2008 had a great season and today he is just tossing the ball and collecting a pay check with out playing.
The moral to this Story D-Backs! is Pay Webb what he wants and he Will Pitch for your team and his pain will go away. If Webb dosent want to play here trade him to San Diego for Jake Peavey straight up. maybe changes for the 2 of them will be good.

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