D-backs to honor RJ

Randy Johnson will not get his 300th victory at Chase Field having done it already last week and he may not get the chance to get 301 there either due to a bruised shoulder.

However, the Big Unit’s accomplishment will be recognized by the D-backs.

The club is putting together a video tribute of Johnson’s career, which included two stops in Arizona, and hopes to show it in game during Tuesday’s series opener. The reason to do it in game would be to make sure there are fans in the stands to give Johnson the ovation he deserves. Sometimes with pregame ceremonies the attendance is sparse because fans have not filtered in yet.

The D-backs are planning to talk to Johnson to inform him of their plans and hope that he will step to the top step of the dugout to acknowledge the fans as they hope there will be a big ovation.

“Becoming one of just 24 Major League pitchers in history to reach such a milestone is a tremendous feat and one that we are proud of because he amassed so many of those in a Diamondback uniform,” D-backs team president and CEO Derrick Hall said. “It will be an honor and pleasure to salute him when the Giants arrive in front of the fans who enjoyed watching him pitch in their park for so many years.”


I’ll be there on Tuesday thanks to tickets from Dad’s office, and I can’t wait to give Johnson his standing ovation! I’m only sorry he didn’t hit the milestone in a Sedona Red uniform! Congrats, Randy!

Johnson, Hairston Quentin, and a dozen others are costing loyal Diamondback fans who pay to watch the superlative job done by Josh Byrnes. Woukl it be possible to trade him to some other team? He can’t even fix the bullpen. Inexperienced minor league “throwers” are NOT the answer … and I’m not joshin’.

Josh Byrnes in his arrogance has really helped ruin what was once a good team. Randy Johnson brought some color to this team and for a few more dollars; we might have seen him pitch number 300. Three cheers for Randy!!!!! As for Josh and A.J., I just hope the D-Backs can out last them both.

Congrats go out to Randy Johnson on reaching 300 wins. It’s just too bad that he did’nt get number 300 in a Diamondbacks jersey. I have to agree with everyone else on the way Josh Byrnes has traded away or let good productive players go on to sign with other teams. ( O-dawg, R.J, Adam Dunn and so on. ) I hope that this season is’nt lost and the front office dosnt start looking to next season.

Josh Byrnes is a thief. He stole the full joy from us fans in not resigning R Johnson, so we could celebrate his 300th in a Dback uniform. Byrnes is a pompous, heavy handed leader. RJ was willing to play for far less than his earned pay scale, but no, Josh Byrnes insults him with a low ball offer. He then turns around and signs *%*#… for the same pay RJ would’ve played for at a discount. People in the street know a poor leader when we see one. Please, please Derrick Hall ( a decent man and leader), do the city and team a favor… launch Byrnes ! He is ruining our team. D Hall, I understand why you want to acknowledge this week… 1) Yes, he deserves it 2) Feeling a bit uncertain now if RJ will go into the Hall of Fame as a Dback ? ! I know it’s a business, but there is a continuity of the heart between the fans and the team. We all knew that RJ would do this. We needed the history to lock with. Now we have a memory from days gone by ( thank you Jerry C ! ) and have to swallow this faux pas from Byrnes while watching RJ as a SF Giant ! Byrnes , you’re a thief !

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