Webb inching towards mound

Brandon Webb is creeping closer and closer to that elusive first bullpen session.

If it seems like I’ve been writing about that possibility for a while now, well it’s because I have. Webb threw a side session on flat ground here at Kauffman Stadium before batting practice and told us afterwards that he expects to get on the mound for a bullpen session Friday.

“It’s the best I’ve felt since Spring Training,” Webb said. “I’m pretty pumped.”

The D-backs could sorely use their ace back. Webb has not pitched since Opening Day and they’ve been extra cautious with his rehab since he suffered a bit of a setback when he tried to hurry his return in late April.

D-backs manager A.J. Hinch was explaining to us before the game that bringing a pitcher back from a shoulder injury is tough because a shoulder is always going to have a little bit of soreness after throwing and the question is how much that soreness is normal and how much is related to the injury itself.

It sounds like right now the D-backs want to make sure almost all the soreness is out of there before they let him get back on the mound.

Mathmatically it’s probably still possible for Webb to make it back before the All-Star Break, but it seems far more likely that it will come sometime soon after.

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Seriously, time for Hinch to hit the road. If the way the Boys play is the managers fault, then fire Hinch too. Just don’t shove a good coach like Gibson under the bus next. Gee, maybe now you know its not Melvin’s fault, ask him back. Sorry, back to reality. There a quite a few really good pitchers in the minor system. Start sending the ineffective bums down and give the rest a shot. in short, if you are performing, you get to stay. If not, back to AAA. We really do have nothing to lose at this point. Poor Webby will be in the same boat as Haren; 7-8 innings of great pitching and no run support. So fire Hinch and see if there might be a better motivator out there, that wimp isn’t getting the job done either.

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