Trade questions and answers

With Friday’s trade deadline approaching I thought this would be a good time to answer some of the more frequent questions that have been showing up in my inbox.

Will the D-backs get a deal done before the deadline?

The situation can always change, but as of right now it does not look like the D-backs will make a deal before the deadline. Keep in mind, the club has already made two deals over the past couple of weeks sending Tony Pena to the White Sox and Felipe Lopez to the Brewers in exchange for three prospects that they feel good about.

The D-backs have received inquiries about pitchers Doug Davis, Jon Garland and Chad Qualls and they’ve let teams know what they would expect in return. As of yet, no team has met that asking price.

Don’t they have to deal Davis and Garland since they are out of the race?

The D-backs are not in a fire sale mode. They do not need to move salary and they don’t feel they are entering into a massive rebuilding period. They feel they can retool this offseason enough to where they can compete for a playoff spot next year, so they are not just going to dump Davis and Garland. If both finish the season with the team they will need to decide whether to exercise the option on Garland’s contract or give him a buyout. Garland also holds an option and should he choose to exercise and the team decline theirs they would owe him a bigger buyout. It’s possible they could offer Davis salary arbitration this winter and if he declines it they could receive draft compensation, assuming he is a Type B free agent.

What about Qualls?

There has been plenty of interest from other teams with regards to Qualls, but the D-backs are not inclined to move him for several reasons. They control his rights next year and even though he is eligible for salary arbitration he would likely only command a salary of $4 million or so, which is not that expensive for a closer.

Should Qualls continue to pitch well next year he could wind up being a Type A free agent following the 2010 season, which means the D-backs would get a pair of high draft picks for him should he leave via free agency.

And again, the D-backs feel they can be competitive next year and finding a closer to take the place of Qualls would be a real challenge.

So while it’s not out of the question that they could deal him, it’s not likely and they would insist on a large return.

If these three are still with the D-backs after the deadline passes, then they can’t be traded?

No. They can still be traded. The only catch is they would need to clear waivers. The D-backs have done their share of post-deadline deals in the past and it’s possible that Davis or Garland might be able to get through waivers and be dealt in August should a contender decide they need one of the two.

What about a contract extension for Davis, and what are the chances they pick up Garland’s option for next year?

The D-backs do have some interest in giving Davis an extension and Davis does want to stay in Arizona. The question is whether  the two sides can agree on the financial aspect of the deal. So far I don’t know that things have progressed much on that front.

Garland’s $10 million option might be pricey given the way the market played out last offseason and the D-backs may be content to let things play out this offseason and see which pitcher falls to them much like they did last year when they signed Garland. Ironically, some of the same pitchers that were on the market last year, like Randy Wolf, will be out there again this year because they only signed one-year deals.

So, to answer the question, they are interested in signing Davis, but only for a price they think is fair, and they will wait to see on the option for Garland.


Trading a starting pitcher would be a stupid move. We barely have five able starters at this point, so if we traded Davis or Garland, would we have to do a four-man rotation again?

The team would love to trade Garland. There is no way they would pick up the 10 million dollar option for next season anyway, so if they can get anything for him, they will. Look for a deal to get done closer to the end of August as Garland should easily pass through waivers. By that time one of their AAA starters (Augenstein perhaps) should be ready to go.

Get rid of Young, and there is no place for Tracy on this team.

of=Upton, Para, Romero, Byrnes





Make a trade for Meche of the Royals. He blew the Dbacks away this year. He has durability being 1 of the 5 starters for the 2003 mariers team that never missed a game. His curve and split are Webb like.

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