Davis wants 3-year deal

It appears Doug Davis will remain an Arizona Diamondback for the rest of the season.

Whether he will be after that remains to be seen.

Davis was placed on waivers a couple of days ago according to SI.com and claimed by the Brewers. Foxsports.com reported that the waivers period ended Friday at 10 a.m. MT. A player cannot be placed on waivers again for another 30 days so that means Davis is staying put.

If it were up to the left-hander, he would be around longer than that.

“I’m still looking for the three-year deal I was looking for two months ago,” Davis said. “If I can’t come to terms on that then I’ll test the free agent market.”

Davis said he presented the three-year concept to the D-backs, who seemed more inclined to do a one-year deal with an option for 2011.

Neither side seems inclined to bend at this point and you can understand that from both perspectives.

The D-backs are figuring that the free agent market this year will be similar to last year’s so if they can’t get Davis signed for one-year at a price they think is reasonable then they will wait and see what the free agent options will be.

It’s similar to what they did last year when they set a price they felt was reasonable for a starting pitcher and made offers to Randy Wolf and Jon Garland and eventually Garland decided to accept their offer.

From Davis’ perspective, he’s thinking the free agent market is going to be better this offseason so he stands a chance at getting a multi-year deal. If he doesn’t and has to take a one-year offer somewhere he’s probably thinking that it will be for at least what the D-backs are offering right now.

As for why a deal to the Brewers did not work out, the D-backs were not simply going to give Davis away. Sure they would have saved close to $3 million, but they didn’t need to move the money. In addition, they feel like if the market does improve in the offseason they can simply offer Davis salary arbitration and as a likely Type B free agent they would be entitled to a compensatory Draft pick should he sign elsewhere.

In other words, unless they got back a player they deemed of equal value to a comp pick they were going to hang onto him.

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