Clark may join front office

Former D-backs first baseman Tony Clark has joined the MLB Network as a studio analyst.

Clark has also had discussions with the D-backs about possibly joining the club in a baseball operations role. After being released by Arizona on July 12, Clark was told by the organization that it would like him to remain involved in some way.

“It’s an area of the game that I would like to learn more about,” Clark said of baseball operations. “At the end of the day I am hopeful that something will work out that will allow me to do that.”

While Clark has not officially retired, he has begun in earnest to explore post-career opportunities. As articulate as he is, it is no surprise well-respected player, there have been several offers.

Clark and his wife Frances, along with their three children Kiara, Jazzin and Aeneas have become ensconced in the Phoenix-area community and will continue their charitable endeavors regardless of whether he continues to play.

“I told my wife after I got the news that my playing career may be done,” Clark said. “And if it is I’ve gone from being an old player to a young non-player at 37. If it is time to move on to the next chapter it could be a 30-year one so I want to get it right.”


I thinnk Tony has done a very good job as an analyst on MLB Network. He certainly appears to have potential with a career in that capacity or in the broadcast booth. Very impressive for a “rookie”.

Tony Clark would be a great teammate for Greg Shulte; they could replace the weak team of Sutton and Grace. Tony might also do well as a bench coach for a Hinch replacement Kirk Gibson.

I’ve always had great respect for Tony Clark, and agree that he could be a part of the team replacement of Sutton and Grace or work with the team, giving him Gibson’s job, and replacing Hinch with Gibson. The team, I’m sure would have a lot more respect for Gibson as manager, and Clark has always been respected by the team. Send Sutton, and Grace some where to do a children’s show. That seems to be their mentality.

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