Brandon Allen promoted

HOUSTON — When the D-backs acquired first baseman Brandon Allen from the White Sox last month, they viewed him as their first baseman of the future.

The future, it turns, out is now.

Allen was promoted from Triple-A Reno on Saturday and the first baseman was in the starting lineup, batting fifth, against the Astros.

“It’s exciting to have him here,” D-backs manager A.J. Hinch said. “He knows what he’s doing at the plate, he’s got a lot of power, he’s got a lot of strength through his swing, he plays a good first base, he’s pretty athletic, he runs better than his body would indicate because he’s big. He’s a very gifted player.”

The 23-year-old figures to get the overwhelming majority of playing time at first with Chad Tracy taking a seat on the bench.

The team’s other first baseman, Josh Whitesell, was demoted to Reno to make room for Allen. Whitesell was hitting .194 with one home run.

Allen, who was born about 45 minutes from Houston, has hit .324 with 12 homers in 145 at-bats since joining the D-backs organization. He found out Friday night that he was going to be headed to Houston and had trouble sleeping.

“I was real excited, nervous, but it’s all for the better,” he said.

Allen head the talk about being the organization’s first baseman of the future when the trade happened, but he said that did not change his approach.

“I’m still a minor league player,” he said. “I’ve got a lot of work to do. Hopefully I can stay in the big leagues but I’ve got to keep working my butt off.”


I think you are unfair to Chad Tracy. He has been doing a good job. He’s been hitting and his fielding has been very good. You give everybody else a long long chance but not Tracy. You’ve kept him down by putting other players in his spot. He should have been playing every day instead of intermitently.

Lets hope he gets some sleep now cuz from what I can tell when I was at the game, he had some major jitters goin on. Best of luck. I agree with the Tracy issue though, can’t put him down when he plays 3-4 days a week. Give him some significant time playin and he’ll help.

I don’t understand why they are not playing Chad more at first. He proves time after time how good he is. If they would ever give him more consistent time there, he would continue getting better and better. What does A.J. have against him? If Bob Melvin or Gibby was our manager, things would be a lot better!!!

I also agree, Trace has been hitting pretty well of late, is a respectable if mediocre fielder (though gold glove like compared to most of the d-backs fielders right now), and was once touted as a future batting title champion (check his pre-injury numbers, they guy hit for average and power). He goes down with injuries a few times and suddenly the organization seems to want nothing to do with him, forcing him to play sporadically or off the bench. I wish Brandon Allen well and will be perfectly happy if he is the savior so many fans seem to think he’ll be, but at least for the rest of this season personally I’d rather Brandon have gotten some more time to develop in the minors and Tracy have been given a real chance to get back in a rhythm and show the all star potential that injuries seem to have caused this organization to forget he had.

Unfortunatly Tracy has proven to be a little to fragile for the game at this leval. That said Hinch has no idea what he is doing and the front office is just as bad. Why did they wait so long to send Chris Young down to get himself straight? why do they keep starting Mark Reynolds at 1st base? And this love affair everybody has with Montero is just rediculous, Given the playing time that he has seen Schnieder would put up much better numbers, But the way they keep moving people around nobody can get comforable at any position.

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