There are losses and then there are losses

There have been plenty of tough losses for the D-backs this year, but last night’s 4-3 loss to the Giants seemed to be particularly brutal.

Maybe it was because of how upset closer Chad Qualls looked having given up the lead for his good friend Doug Davis after throwing just three pitches. I really felt for Qualls listening to him talk about how upset he was to have watched his team work for two hours to get a lead and then have it disappear in a span of a minute or two.

Tough job being a closer, certainly not for those who do not have a lot of mental toughness.

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A long time member of the d-back team is missing—uri has worked at bob now chase for over 10 years—– the staff, visiting players and tickets holders have enjoyed uri for over 10 years. no one has seen uri for this entire 2009 season. I’ve alerted attentive authorities at the park but no one seems interested in helping find uri. can anyone help out here? all fans in section A &B loved uri–especially the guys

now that the home season has ended (today ) i’m afraid no one will rememebr uri!–thanks for your prayers , wishes and help–everyone that knew uri loved uri


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