Zavada sees Wrigley from different perspective

I had the pleasure of walking from the clubhouse to the dugout with Clay Zavada Friday morning as Zavada got his first look at Wrigley Field from the field.

As a kid growing up in Streator, Ill., Zavada would occasionally go to some Cubs games and you could see getting to return as a Major Leaguer was a big deal.

“I never went to any other parks so this was all I knew,” he said. “This is where I grew up watching baseball. I didn’t realize just how special, how unique it was until I got to see some of the other ballparks.

When he would come to games he let himself dream, but he never imagined he would one day be playing in Wrigley.

“I always dreamed of getting on the field,” he said. “I just never thought that it would be as a player.”

Zavada had plenty of people cheering for him Friday as there were three busloads of about 150 folks from Streator that made the trip to Wrigley Field. Zavada estimated another 150 came on their own.

I asked D-backs manager A.J. Hinch before the game if he was going to get Zavada into a game this weekend and he said he would like to do that if for no other reason than to get his first experience at Wrigley out of the way for next year.

For more on Zavada, check out a story I wrote on him earlier this year.

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There’s so much to love about Clay Zavada – his love for the game, his work ethic, and the fact that he’s in awe of playing in a venerable field like Wrigley. I hope we see lots more of him next season.

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