Johnson an unlikely target

With the D-backs looking for a veteran first baseman, there are some that have speculated free agent Nick Johnson would be a good choice. While that may be the case, it seems unlikely given that there has been significant interest in him. reported recently that the Mariners, Giants, Mets and Yankees all had interest in Johnson, who will be looking for a multi-year deal.

With a little more than $10 million to spend and a more pressing need in the starting rotation, don’t look for the D-backs to be in the bidding for Johnson.

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I had a question for you, about free agents. I had no other idea how to contact you besides the comments here (couldn’t find a email anywhere).

I know we have 10 million to throw around so I was wondering who the Diamondbacks would be looking at. Also, I have a list of free agents I think the Dbacks could pursue that I would like you to analyze.

Justin Duchscherer – good, young arm

Jason Marquis – made the playoffs the past 10 years straight? i say yes. haha

Brandon Lyon – would love to see him back

Alex Gonzalez – a nice back up, little in terms of hitting, but a great defender

Marcus Thames – would love to see some power on the bench

Rich or Shawn Hill – meh. but maybe one of them could pan out

Chris Capuano – could be next years comeback player of the year.

Joey Minnich (transplanted fan from south central Pennsylvania)

P.S. When Randy Johnson gets into the Hall of Fame, will he go in as the first Dback?

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