Thoughts on proposed blockbuster

It is sounding like the reported three-way blockbuster between the D-backs, Yankees and Tigers has cooled, but let’s review what the report said last night:

D-backs get:
Ian Kennedy
Edwin Jackson

D-backs give up:
Max Scherzer
2 Prospects

Now, obviously without knowing the identity of the two prospects it’s impossible to fully evaluate the deal, but two thoughts jump to mind:

1. You can see how this makes sense for the D-backs in terms of getting two pitchers for the price of one. Plus that would free them up to spend the bulk of the $10 million they have left to spend this winter on shoring up the offense rather than having to get a free agent pick up someone’s bad contract in order to land a starting pitcher.

2. Boy, it sure would be hard to part with a pitcher like Max Scherzer, who has such a tremendous upside.

Even if the deal is not likely to happen, I am curious as to your initial thoughts/reactions.


On the surface I like this deal as it nets two young pitchers with major league experience for one. I cringe at the thoughts of losing Max Scherzer. Whether he ultimately becomes a starter or reliever for the bulk of his career; Scherzer will be an impact player.

Kennedy is a bit of a risk coming off injury but he seems to be making good progress from what I saw in the Fall League. His velocity was good and he had great command.

If Jackson continues to mature and become better it would give the Diamondbacks a better number 3 than they have had for most of the history of the franchise.

The real question is what prospects the Diamondbacks are giving up. If the names ended up being Bobby Borchering, AJ Pollock, or Jarrod Parker then I hate this deal and would rather see Arizona look elsewhere.

The one thing you do have to like, Josh Byrnes and the Arizona Diamondbacks are clearly thinking outside the box trying to make this team better for 2010.

Although one deal may not make or break the off season; a trade such as this will either help the Diamondbacks return to the post season or it will give management objective evidence whether Josh Byrnes has what it takes to build a team capable of competing in this market.

I wish the dbacks would realize the Sherzer is the future closer of this team and move him to the bullpen now. We are always complaining about how we need bullpen depth. This would be a move in the right direction.

Boy, i sure do hope that the dbacks make this trade. I was kind of disappointed at how the trade went down with the blue jays, which could have provided the dbacks a first basemen, and get some money from snyder’s contract. But i think you make some good points steve. This trade would be good for the diamondbacks, because they can have two very productive pitchers, and might be in the hunt for Nick Johnson with over 10 million to spare. Its a win win for everybody!

I am tired of watching our home grown talent traded away. Why trade your #3 starter to get a #4 starter? Max Scherzer should not be on the trade block–he can contribute to the future of the team.

Eric byrnes and a single A prospect or 2 for Milton bradley are the diamondbacks interested??????

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