Fantasy Camp — Day 2

Wrote in today’s Fantasy Camp Diary about the training staff. It really is amazing the job that these guys do in getting a bunch of out-of-shape guys ready to play each day.

I can guarantee you from past experience that the training room on Wednesday will look like the Dept. of Motor Vehicles with all the people lined up in there. That’s because we played the first doubleheader of the week on Tuesday and guys are going to really feel that come Wednesday morning.

A couple of other notes from Tuesday:

— Luis Gonzalez had a rough first day as manager, losing both games by one run.

“We keep giving up first-inning runs,” Gonzalez said. “Tomorrow I’m going to change the lineup card to start in the second inning and see if that helps.”

— Gonzalez got a kick out of all the campers who chose to get in the “cold tub” at the end of the day. Sitting in the 50-degree water for eight or so minutes is a method that some folks swear by as a way to avoid some of the next-day muscle soreness.

There were about 12-15 people waiting their turns in the small room and a good majority were enjoying some adult beverages.

“I thought I walked into a bar,” Gonzalez said. “I thought they had the beer in the tubs and they were just sitting around it drinking.”

— It’s been a tough go of it for Greg Swindell as a skipper down here. The former D-backs lefty lost both games Tuesday running his Fantasy Camp losing streak to 13 games.

“That’s not easy to do,” he said.

— Matt Williams will join the Arizona coaching staff as a first-base/infield coach next year and it would be a good idea for him to sit down with D-backs’ scouting director Tom Allison to get some pointers.

You see when he drafted his team Williams did not realize how many left-handed throwers he had chosen. That explains why his team has the camp’s lone left-handed shortstop.

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