Parting of ways best for Byrnes, D-backs

Like a bad marriage, the relationship between Eric Byrnes and the D-backs needed to come to an end and the sooner the better.

Initially I thought releasing Byrnes before Spring Training was not the right choice. Instead, it seemed better to have him come to camp and who knew maybe he would find the magic from 2007 and either play his way into a contributing spot on the roster or even improve his trade value to the point where some team might be willing to pay $1 million of the money he was owed for 2010.

In case you missed my tweet (@dbackswriter) on Wednesday, Byrnes was officially released after being designated for assignment last Friday.

The acquisition of Adam LaRoche changed my thinking. It pushed Conor Jackson back to left field and Gerardo Parra into a fourth outfielder. That meant that the best Byrnes could hope for was to come to camp and win the fifth outfielder spot.

In talking to both parties this past week that clearly was not in anyone’s best interests.

While I don’t think Byrnes would have intentionally been a distraction, I think the very fact that a player set to earn $11 million was trying to win a fifth outfield spot would have been a distraction in and of itself.

So for a team that needs to quickly gather round a young manager in his first Spring Training, it probably was best that the Byrnes question not hover over A.J. Hinch throughout camp.

From Brynes’ standpoint the release is a good thing. Rather than have to worry about coming getting enough time during the spring to win a fifth spot in the outfield or get released near the end of camp when most teams have their rosters already set, he has the next few weeks to find the right fit.

That essentially is what Byrnes and his agent are doing right now. Trying to find a team that will give him an invite to Spring Training with a chance to win a platoon or fourth outfield spot. And, well, he does still get his $11 million.


Best of luck to Eric Byrnes in the future. Though his 2008 – 2010 contract really Gilloolied the Diamondbacks, it’s not Eric’s fault the front office was dumb enough to offer him such a contract. Eric would probably be a really fun guy to hang out with — especially if beer was involved.

Like a few of you out there, I thought Byrnes was a great player and couldn’t wait for him to make a comeback this year. It is unfortunate that he could not turn it around sooner. I am sure he and the Dbacks are ready for a change. Thanks for all the hustle over the years…Go Dbacks!

Dbacks suck and so does Byrnes. Almost all of his diving catches were uncalled for or probably because he got a bad jump as he usually does.

Does this mean it will now be the Justin Upton show on FSN? haha

Byrnes is and always will be my favorite player. I will always be his number one fan. I miss him and I will miss him being in Arizona. I am really unhappy about this move. Look at his last game of last year. He got 2 homers and 5 RBI’s. He could have really made a comeback. I love you forever Byrnesie.

another great move from byrnes and hinch……..pretty lame.

Byrnes is going to turn it around. I know whoever picks him up will be getting their $ worth out of him. We’re gonna miss ya Byrnsie. And to joshua8514, D-backs & Byrnes dont suck, you do !

Go Diamondbacks !

Now if Gibert would part ways life would be good again!

I cant beleive the diamondbacks did it agin. Released another good player. Brynes was and still is a great player. He will be missed. the diamondbacks wont be the same. Im not going to watch the games no more like i used to. Bring brynes back.


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