Photos of Webb throwing at Chase Field

Here are some photos I took today at Chase Field of the D-backs open to the media workout. I know the quality is not great, but I was taking them with my Blackberry camera so be kind. (OK, so I’m still not sure on how to size these things properly so I apologize for the stretched out nature of them).

Webb warming.JPG

Webb starts playing long toss to warm up.

Webb throwing.JPG

This is Webb starting to throw his flat ground session from 60 feet under the watchful eyes of trainer Ken Krenshaw.

Webb warming 3.JPG

One more of Webb playing long toss.


Conor Jackson speaks with reporters after playing catch.

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FYI about the image skewing. When transferring images from a camera to a computer, the images are retained in original huge size (2048 pixels wide by 1536 pixels high). Before posting these images, they need to be resized. While some software will do this for you automatically, this website doesn’t apparently. The images got skewed because the width of them in their uploaded format is far wider than the width of the column to which they are being posted. So the widths were squeezed down. The length didnt change because web pages have no length restrictions.

The reason for this difference primarily has to do with the fact that a camera uses a different pixels per inch setting than a computer. So whenever you save an image from a camera onto computer, you need to resize it in order for it to be useful on the computer.

That is the short, layman explanation of the issue.

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