Saturday scribblings from D-backs Camp

It was like the first day of school in the D-backs’ clubhouse Saturday morning prior to the initial pitcher/catcher workout of the spring.

A quick note  and a couple of photos before heading over to watch the workout:

— Blaine Boyer has lost 22 pounds and 12 percent body fat since the end of last season and looks like he’s in outstanding shape.

Below are a couple of photos. I know they are not great, but I’m using my Blackberry to take them so hang with me.

Upton Locker 2-20.JPG

Haven’t see Justin Upton yet, but as you can tell from his locker (the one in the middle) he has plenty of new equipment waiting for him.

Attitude 2-20.JPG

A new addition to the schedule bulletin board this year was this quote about attitude.

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Attitude is was our guys need to keep up most of all. And like it says, we can’t change the past. Just make our attitude positive for THIS season. They all have the talent we need to pull it together. LET’S DO IT! GO DBACKS!

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