Sunday AM Notes from the clubhouse

A couple of notes before the D-backs begin their workout on Sunday morning…

— Outfielder Conor Jackson was getting some teasing from some of his teammates for the model bat he was using.

Jackson prefers a bat that has a thicker handle, while most players today tend to like thin handles with big barrels.

“If you have a big barrel it slows you down through the strike zone,” Jackson said. “I feel like my bat stays in the zone longer with a thicker handle.”

Of course the advantage of a bigger barrel is you can get more backspin on a ball, which is where the home runs come from, but that’s never been Jackson’s game.

“Have to know your strengths,” he said.

— Talked briefly with Justin Upton on Saturday. He’s breaking in his glove a little differently this year. Instead of having the last couple of fingers in the glove being bent out a little bit — like Alex Romero’s glove was — he’s got it a little more closed — think about closing the glove with the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pinky finger and you’ll get the idea.

Doing it this way, he hopes, will make for a deeper pocket in the glove.

1 Comment

Glad Upton is trying something different with the glove this year…however…I think most of his outfield woes tended to be between the ears rather than between the fingers…

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