Talking baseball gloves

Some baseball players will use their gloves for years. Shortstop Stephen Drew was oiling down his game glove Thursday morning, because if he doesn’t the six-year-old glove will crack. In fact, there are some cracks and even holes in it, but it’s broken in just the way he likes it and so he’s not changing.

It’s a little different for Chris Snyder. As a catcher his gloves take more abuse than any others so he switches his gloves out each year.

Snyder has two gloves he keeps ready (see pictures below).  He has his game glove, which he typically starts using in August of a season and his backup which bullpen catcher Jeff Motuzas helps him break in so that it’s ready to take over in August.

Snyder oils his gloves more than most people do, which makes them very soft.

“Some pitchers complain that my glove doesn’t pop when the ball hits it,” Snyder said.

Count Dan Haren among the group that teases Snyder for that.

“It’s like a Tempur-Pedic pillow,” Haren said of the glove.

Here’s Snyder’s gamer glove and below it a look at both gloves, the new one on the left.

Snyder gamer glove.JPG

Snyder 2 gloves.JPG

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Great piece here Steve…this is the kind of behind the scenes stuff that it is very interesting to die hards – Andrew

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