Gibson talks about rules, roster

28 days until Opening Day

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Kirk Gibson had a lot of really interesting things to say during his media sessions with us Thursday in Peoria that I didn’t have a place for in my stories. Here’s some of what he had to say…

— On whether guys were starting to make a push for spots on the roster: “The book is just starting. I don’t think we’re close to a point where we could even make a good calculated decision.”

— There has been a lot of talk this spring and even over the winter about Gibson’s rules about cell phone use and the banning of pellet guns and the like in the clubhouse.

It seems to be a subject that Gibson is getting tired of revisiting.

“I don’t think I’ve been tough at all,” he said of his rules. “I think I’ve been fair. We just kind of said there are certain things we want to abide by and do. It’s not a big deal, it’s just like business as usual.”

Gibson also has emphasized that the rules were decided on after consultation with managing general partner Ken Kendrick, president/CEO Derrick Hall, GM Kevin Towers and his coaching staff.

“These are not just my rules,” Gibson said. “We sat down as an organization and talked about some important things. We had a lot of conversations, people had input and we sat there and said this is what we’re going to go with. Once the decision was made we moved on.”

It doesn’t sound like guys will be having their cell phones ringing in the clubhouse.

“You’re talking to somebody in the clubhouse, your phone rings and you go get it, I think it’s rude No. 1,” Gibson said. “Other people are having a conversation next to you and phones are going off, I don’t like it. It just gets to be too much for me. When we’re in here it’s pretty much a baseball environment let’s focus on that if you need to make a call just walk outside and make a call.”

— As much as Gibson has refrained from talking about the past, he did let a little slip near the end of his talk about rules and cell phones when he talked about preparing for games differently: “We definitely need to do a better job because the way we did do it sure in the heck didn’t work.”

— Sparky Anderson was obviously a big influence on Gibson and he quoted him when talking about privileges for his players.

“Sparky taught us a long time ago, you start with nothing and you earn everything,” he said.


Looks like Zach Duke will pitch down in Tucson during Monday’s split squad game with Aaron Heilman working the game against the Royals in Surprise.


Any word on the players’ reactions to the new rules? Do they seem to accept them and agree with the reasoning behind them, or do they find them to be a petty annoyance? There is one thing this club needs and that is to gel. We have new faces, so it may be hard at first, but there needs to be a spirit of team unity with this squad. Hopefully these rules won’t be seen as the beginnings of a division between players and management. Hopefully the players will see the reasoning for the rules and keep their heads in the game. They need it.

What company allows you to have a phone while your at work? It’s your job, your cell phone should be turned off while at work. I would even go as far as not allowing the players to go outside to talk. Once you walk in into the clubhouse your at work. NO CELL PHONES PERIOD. If anything you should be concentrating on your game. Mr Gibson should be more strict on players, you can tell it kills him to give in to so many distractions, all the crap going on during games not related to baseball, the Diamondbacks and all other organizations are giving in to corporate money. I hate going to Bank One, Chase Field or whatever name it will have next year. It’s no longer about the game, it’s about how much entertainment we can put in between innings so we can keep people interested in something else other than the game. I stopped going to games because all the distractions, the stupid loud music, the stupid games you play between innings, Baxter, putting Luis Gonzales number next to Jackie Robinson’s, are you kidding me. Oh wait you did sell out the night you retired his number. $$$$$$$$. Good job!!! And one more thing, please have your announcers listen to Vince Scully call a game, he’s not funny or tries to be funny, he just calls the game. You have lost a customer who use to enjoy going to baseball games at the park and listen to games on the radio (think goodness for I can pick and choose which broadcast I can listen to) I fly to Chicago now to watch a game at Wrigley.

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