Day 4: Feb. 22


— Quiet day on the Stephen Drew front. He was given a break from grounders today.

— D-backs pitchers threw bullpens and went through drills.

— Position players continued to report early.


Gerardo Parra is going to say all the right things about losing his starting job.

You have to believe he’s not happy with being a fourth outfielder, but Parra handled things with class Wednesday. I think it helps that he came to camp last year without a job and wound up being the starter in left.

— J.J. Putz is working on a cutter.

He didn’t sound overly thrilled with where he was at with the pitch, but is going to use it in games this spring.

“I don’t even know if it’s going to turn into anything,” Putz said.

Putz would mainly use the pitch as a way to keep the ball in on lefties. His fastball has a tendency to fade back over the plate when he’s trying to get it inside against lefties so even if the cutter doesn’t move a lot, if it at least prevents the fade, he will take it.

Manager Kirk Gibson does not like the talk of expectations.

This one is not a surprise for anyone who has heard or read Gibson’s comments about Justin Upton over the past year and a half. Gibson went out of his way to mention that he does not want unfair expectations to be placed on No. 1 pick Trevor Bauer.

Ryan Roberts appears to be in good shape again.

Remember Roberts slacked during the offseason following his success in 2009 and it cost him in 2010. It’s a lesson he apparently has not forgotten.


— The Young Guns will be throwing again Thursday.

— The workout should start with stretching around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday and run till noonish. More bullpen sessions.

— Reminder: workouts are open to the public. They are free as is parking before games get underway.

You can park in the Desert Parking Lot and walk to any of the fields. The best vantage point for the covered batting cages and the pitching mounds — where the bullpen sessions happen — can be accessed by walking up the ramp behind them.

That’s all for today.  Remember…
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10 days until spring opener
44 days until Opening Day vs. Giants

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