Day 9: Feb. 27


— Stephen Drew took grounders once again.

— D-backs pitchers threw live batting practice sessions.


— Drew will not be on the field for at least the first few Cactus League games. This, of course, we pretty much knew already, but D-backs manager Kirk Gibson confirmed it.

“No, no, not even close,” Gibson said when asked if Drew would play in the first few games.

That said Drew did take 40-50 grounders moving more to his left and right than he had so far and he did a reverse pivot and also planted in the hole to throw to first.

“I didn’t see him do that in his other sessions so it kind of tells you that he’s starting to become more comfortable with what he feels,” Gibson said. “When you have surgery like that you’re going to feel it for a while. He’s going to be playing and he’s still going to be feeling stuff. That’s just the way it is.”

The goal right now is to get Drew integrated into his regular work group and though he won’t do as many reps of things as they do it will be with greater intensity. He is likely to have Wednesday off as a recovery day.

“He’s pretty fluid out there,” Gibson said. “I don’t think he missed one ball that I saw. He’s got his hands and feet pretty good.”

— Chris Young learned what it’s like to face Josh Collmenter.

Young had said he was looking forward to facing Collmenter after standing in center field all last year and watching the right-hander’s unorthodox delivery flummox hitters.

— More on this tomorrow, but Collmenter’s third-best pitch, his curve, is coming along and Gibson had a word of warning for those who question whether Collmenter can repeat the success he had last year.

“Don’t doubt Collmenter if that’s what you’re doing,” he said.

— J.J. Putz is looking good.

So says Gibson, who watched the right-hander throw to hitters.

“He threw the ball really well today,” Gibson said. “Had good movement on his ball. I thought he threw the ball very good.”

Ken Kendrick is thankful for what his team accomplished last year.

There will be some room in the payroll for a midseason acquisition.

The D-backs season ticket sales are up.

My colleague, Lyle Spencer, thinks the signing of Joe Saunders could prove crucial for the D-backs.


— More of the same as the Young Guns will face hitters for the second time Tuesday.

— Reminder: workouts are open to the public. They are free as is parking before games get underway.

You can park in the Desert Parking Lot and walk to any of the fields.

That’s all for today.  Remember…
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5 days until spring opener
39 days until Opening Day vs. Giants


So how did CY do against the Collmeister?

Been missing your updates. I have been really enjoying all the great information you have been putting up. Hopefully, you continue posting here regularly.

Thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated!

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