April 2012

A tour of Marlins Park

I took a walk around Marlins Park with D-backs PR guru Casey Wilcox (had to pry him away from his laptop for it) and took some more photos.

Here you go…


Photos of Marlins Park

Here are some photos from Marlins Park…


Wrapping up the road trip — April 15

A couple of quick leftover notes from Sunday’s D-backs/Rockies game before I dash off to the airport to catch my flight out of this frozen tundra…

— I asked Kirk Gibson if the reason he stuck with Bryan Shaw in the ninth was because J.J. Putz was unavailable.

“It’s a long season,” Gibson replied. “You make your choice. I used four guys in one inning there. I just made the decision there to go with Bryan. He was up and he was warm. We’ve got a new series starting tomorrow. Kind of rested the other guys. We felt like he was a good guy to get it done quickly for us. J.J. and David [Hernandez], they’ve had a heavy workload early. Bryan Shaw, we had a good feel about it. At the same time, giving him a little late-inning experience. He’s fearless. You feel very confident with him in there.”

I can’t say for sure, but I believe it wasn’t just that Putz had pitched Saturday, but also because he had gotten up to get warm several times in the last few days.

Regardless, Shaw enjoyed the opportunity.

“I’ve closed in college, I closed in the Minors last year,” Shaw said. “It’s where I like to be. I like being in that role late innings, whatever, game on the line. I just love being in that spot.”

— We had asked Gibson about not running as much prior to the game and he said that teams were playing closer attention to them on the bases after the success they had last year.

Sunday they stole four bases in the first five innings off rookie Drew Pomeranz.

“If there’s something available, then you take it,” Gibson said. “We felt there was. He was a young kid and we pushed the envelope there and the guys did a good job of that. I think he got a little unraveled there from time to time. But they hung in there. In this park, in many games, it’s never over until it’s over. Fortunately for us we got the job done today.”


D-backs vs. Padres Notes — April 10

A few leftovers from D-backs manager Kirk Gibson’s pregame meeting with us as well as links and some photos from today…

— Gibson was pleased with the way his pitchers executed their pitches in the Giants series.

“One thing we did pretty good last series was when we had to make pitches we executed them overall when we needed to so it’s easier to defend,” Gibson said.

— Gibson also liked the way the D-backs kept the Giants running game in check. The Giants added some speed to their lineup this offseason with the idea of being more aggressive on the bases.

“We were able to keep for the most part keep those guys where they weren’t just running at will,” Gibson said.

— The D-backs have not had a chance yet to fully evaluate Josh Collmenter’s rough start from Sunday. They were off Monday and spent Tuesday preparing for the series with Padres.

“I’m sure we’ll have some conversation about it and try to get him on the right track and make sure he’s able to duplicate his pitches where he wants to throw them,” Gibson said.

— PETCO Park is relatively new to Jason Kubel, who only has three games of experience here after playing his entire career in the American League with the Twins.

“It’s going to be different for him to get around to different stadiums and different staffs,” Gibson said. “This is a new team and how we do things. It is different so he’ll catch on quickly and use the information to his benefit very shortly.”

Here’s the details on Justin Upton’s injured thumb.

Spring adjustments have paid off nicely for Lyle Overbay.

Gibson got a gift from a Navy SEAL.

— In case you missed this, Stephen Drew told a touching story about one of his first baseball gloves.

— Here are some photos:

A view from the roof of the Marriott across from Petco Park.

View from the Petco Park press box just before first pitch.

Random thoughts left over from Opening Day

Some random thoughts as I sit in the Chase Field press box early Saturday morning…

— Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum comments about his team wanting to make a statement in this opening game/series struck me as being a little strange.

Yeah, I get that the D-backs won the division last year and clinched it against the Giants and every win counts especially in this division. Still, last year the Giants won seven of the first nine games played between these two teams and the D-backs then won seven of the next nine.

I wouldn’t put too much stock into what happens in this series. There will be 159 games after at.

— It could be that the D-backs are in Lincecum’s head a little bit. Until the last few starts he had dominated the D-backs. They seem to have a really good approach against him though. I don’t know that he made a ton of mistakes yesterday, but the ones he did make the D-backs hammered.

Chris Young made a good point yesterday that the D-backs have the same core group of guys going up against Lincecum and they’ve now got 50-60 career at-bats against him.

Trevor Bauer had a nice debut Thursday night.

It was a cold Thursday night in Reno for their opener, but Barry Enright came through.

Archie Bradley (the No. 7 overall pick last year) had a very nice professional debut Thursday for South Bend.

— Here are some links to coverage from yesterday in case you missed anything…

It looked a lot like 2011 at the start of 2012.

Kirk Gibson’s decision to hit Chris Young second pays dividends.

Wade Miley was pleasantly surprised to be involved in big league opener.

There were plenty of festivities at Chase Field.

A preview of today’s game against the Giants.