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For a baseball beat writer, the season is long. It starts in mid-February (early February for the D-backs and Dodgers this year) when pitchers and catchers report and it stretches through September and into October if the team you cover makes the playoffs.

Along the way there are deadlines to meet, endless airline flights, car rental counters, expense reports to do and multiple stories daily.

In other words, it’s a grind.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a column that complains about any of that, because this is the life that I’ve chosen and one that I love. My point in the above is to say that at times we all get a little worn down by it all no matter how much we love the game or our jobs.

And man was I there on the final day before the All-Star Break.

But I work for a company that encourages us to use a week of our vacation time at some point during the regular season. For the last few years I’ve chosen to take All-Star Break week off and the routine is fairly predictable.

First there’s relief Monday in turning off the phone and not checking Twitter every few minutes to make sure I’m not missing a D-backs trade rumor. But as the week wears on, though, I find myself turning the computer back on and checking on baseball not because I have to, but because I want to.

All of this is a long way of saying I’m back on the beat starting today and looking forward to another two-plus months of baseball. Sure the D-backs are out of the postseason race, but there is still plenty to watch out for in the second half as the organization tries to figure out who will be part of the team going forward.

My hope is to bring all that to you. Thank you for reading,


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