Chip Hale’s high school coach in attendance

SAN FRANCISCO — The series with the Giants is a homecoming for D-backs manager Chip Hale, who grew up in the Bay Area and also spent the past three seasons as bench coach for the A’s.

“Every time I come to this ballpark or play against the Giants or the A’s, it’s a warm spot for me,” Hale said. “I’ve got a lot of family and friends here, people that are the reason I’m here. I wouldn’t be here without all the coaching I had throughout my youth.”

Don Miller, who coached Hale at Campolindo High School and in American Legion ball was in the dugout and on the field while the D-backs took batting practice.

“He was just born to coach,” Miller said of Hale.

Miller said that when Hale was a freshman and his team won a semifinal game the coaches prepared to go scout the other semifinal game.

“And he says, ‘Hey Coach, could I come with you guys?’” Miller said. “So here’s a 15-year-old, 14-year-old kid wanting to go watch the other team and hang out with the coaches and see what we were doing. You just knew. It’s in his blood.”

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